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into the 7 elements of A Nurtured Life. Each element offers

an on-the-spot access point to our own body intelligence.


Share  the power & grace

that your personal style of expression has to create truly nurturing connections


What changes when we fill our cup & give from the overflow rather than from our reserves?


My 28 years as a helping professional means I've been nurtured back from burnout more times than I care to admit!  My truth is that with self-nurture at the top of my list, I show up in my own life more fully - both personally & professionally.


5 years ago I left a much cherished & long-tenured role as a group wellness facilitator after a bad injury. I realized that because I hadn't paid attention to all the signs & nudges that my body gave me to slow down & take better care, my vitality wasn't there & I collapsed.

Over the last 7 years of Body-Centered Coaching & Hakomi therapy training, I've slowly began to form a friendship with my body by listening more & more to what it has to say. Because tuning into this long-neglected friend felt a bit overwhelming at first, I found playful ways to stay with it. Thanks to creative play with the tools of right-brain genius Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching, I was inspired to craft tactile self-coaching tools from materials at hand. These TLC tools helped me slow things down to a more natural pace & made it easy for me to tune in, move forward or rest up with the good grace & perfect timing of Mother Nature herself.  


Through this process, the 'lens' I saw my own life through became less critical. I was seeing myself with the awe & curiousity with which I generally experience the natural world - where each stage of growth, like seasons in the garden & forest - is valued, enjoyed & appreciated! This important principle of organicity helps me reframe my old care-taking ways each day, as it means I can trust that even huge difficulties others experience are a natural part of the growth process.  The supportive TLC pocket, desktop or group room coaching tools support people through times of overwhelm or compassion fatigue when we feel the most challenged.


If, like me, you'd like to be able to ease back in the saddle a bit, reflect on [& give yourself a nod for] all that you've lived & use a more forgiving lens to feel kinder towards yourself more often -sign up cost-free for the online TLC Retreat here.


Body-mind methods are brilliant at liberating us from the grip of old, outdated stories & give us more free reign in our day-to-day. Rather than feeling stiff & stuck in knee-jerk reaction to challenges, we become wonderfully adaptable in the face of change. If better understanding your body tension patterns so they stop costing you precious time, energy or relationships makes sense  -  a TLC focus session can clear what's blocking your natural energy flow & replenish your reserves.


A Nurtured Life's TLC events & sessions offer tactile, take-home TLC tools to contact the felt sense of the earth; open to the particular language of the body; feel energized by the space  around us; tune into the rhythm of our heart; touch into authentic connection, intuit our sense of purpose & feel the sails of our spirit fill with the powerful forces of nature that move through & around us. 


Each of these 7 elements serve as a valuable starting point towards a kinder relationship with ourselves. Each step in this direction widens the path toward a more nurtured world. ​ 


Sign up  here to dip in cost-free to the Winter Online TLC Retreat.


 Warmly -

Shealagh K​​

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