Self-Coaching Skills to Lighten Your Load & Clear Your Path to A Nurtured Life




Ministry of Children & Families - Squamish

- Chopra Addiction & Wellness Ctr - Squamish

- Centerpoint Neuromuscular - White Rock

- St. Pauls Hospital Cardio Dept - Vancouver

- Vancouver Hakomi - 7th & certifying year :]

- Coaches Rising - The Neuroscience of Change

- Marlena Field - BCC Trainer Certification​


The Body Invites  you to enjoy more subtle awareness of whats available to you in each moment by spending more time in our one & only truly natural state - Play! Spontaneous leaps of insight occur when our body's capacity as a 'truth 

barometer' is tapped in an environment where we feel free to express in whatever way feels good to us!

​Whether you've taken the Nurture Wheel for a spin & landed in the Body element or simply chosen Body as a focal point for inviting TLC in, the  body-mind practice below dips into the nurture available now.

Body Nurture Practice

1   How tuned into your relationship with your body are you? Imagine a coral dial in front of you labeled 'BODY'.
2  Literally reach out & imagine turning the dial until your hand wants to stop. Did it turn1/3 of the way around - 2/3rds or full circle?
3   If your dial turned to the first 1/3 consider it 'rest & root'; 2/3rds of a turn is more like growth; Full circle? it's bloom & harvest time.

4  Read step 5 to get clear on what's next, then soften & close your eyes, take a breath or two & complete step 5.
5  Draw to mind a time [possibly imagined] when you felt care or compassion for any part of your body. 

Stay with this image & continue to bring up as much detail about it as possible, include any smells or sounds to let it really land in the body. Begin to scan for any sensations. If there are any, choose one & place your hand on the area for a moment or two .
6 Repeat steps 1 and 2 to recheck your dial. Notice what seems different now [if anything] on your dial or in your body & take note of what happens when you feed your sense of connection with the body for even a moment.

'My gut reaction told me sonething was off' - 'I got butterflies in my stomach' 

We've all heard these phrases before because the body's true wisdom can be found right in the DNA - deep in your bones & veins that carry the collective experiences of your entire bloodline over many lifetimes. The bodies subtle signals can become your most accurate barometer for many of life's important decisions. Tune into the body's subtle language to refine your ideas of personal well-being to get there in a style all your own! <3

Be gently curious  about how your body & it's tensions are organized around what you believe to be true & witness your ability to literally reshape whats possible through fresh insights & awareness.

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