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Longing to touch into authentic connection is part of our own human experience. 

The practice below invites you to deepen into a greater sense of connection as you tune into the body's signals & sensations,  urging you toward what most nourishes you.

​Whether you've taken the Nurture Wheel for a spin & landed in the Connection element or simply chosen Connection as a focal point for inviting TLC in, the  body-mind practice below dips into the nurture available now.

Nurture Connection Practice

1  How fully connected to yourself & others do you feel right now? Imagine a turquoise dial in front of you labeled 'CONNECTION'.
2  Literally reach out & imagine turning the dial until your hand stops. Did it turn 1/3 of the way around - 2/3rds or full circle?
3  If your dial turned to the first 1/3 consider it 'rest & root'; 2/3rds of a turn is more like growth; Full circle? it's bloom & harvest time.

4  Read step 5 to get clear on what you're about to do, then soften & close your eyes, take a breath or 2 & complete step 5.
5  Draw to mind a time [perhaps recent or maybe an imagined event] when you felt deep connection with another living thing. 
Stay with this image & continue to bring up as much detail about it as possible, include the smells or sounds noticed to let it really land in the body.  Once this is fully taken in, begin to scan your body for any sensations present. If there are, put your hand there.
6  Repeat steps 1 and 2 to recheck your dial. Notice what seems different now both on your dial & in the body to take measure of what happens when you feed your sense of connection with the space around you for even just a moment.

This practice activates your parasympathetic nervous system to calm the fight or flight impulse & strengthen the connective tissue - or bridge - between the right & left sides of your brain, creating more balance, calm & grace as you approach any situation you may face in life. As you explore mindful, body-centered practices like these, your self-awareness, self-regulation & self-compassion grows! 

Learn to tune into subtle body signals - your own body's ways of saying Yes & No, such as breathing & tension patterns, 
head & body posture, locked mobility, repetitive motions, habitual eye gaze - & open the door to this storehouse of your own unique body wisdom.

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