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Align  with what wants to happen - The forces moving us - moving through us - direct our awareness to the next stage of our own evolution. Tap into the nurturing grace of sights, sounds, tastes, smells & textures of your environment & feel yourself open to a wider world of unrealized potential! In the effortless act of drawing new life in with the breath with an exhale that nourishes the green growth around us, the simplest version of our purpose is fulfilled.    In moments of simply being - You Are Enough 

​Whether you've taken the Nurture Wheel for a spin & landed in the Purpose element or simply chosen Purpose as a focal point for inviting TLC in, the  body-mind practice below dips into the nurture available now.

Nurture Purpose Practice

1  How tuned into your sense of purpose are you feeling right now? Imagine a deep indigo dial in front of you labeled 'PURPOSE'.
2  Literally reach out & imagine turning the dial until your
hand stops. Did it turn 1/3 of the way around - 2/3rds or full circle? 
3  If your dial turned to the first 1/3 consider it 'rest & root'; 2/3rds of a turn is more like growth; Full circle? it's bloom & harvest time.

4  Read step 5 to get clear on what you're going to do next, then soften & close your eyes, take a breath or two & complete step 5.
 Draw to mind a time [perhaps recent or maybe an imagined event] when you felt quite a sense of purpose in what you were up to. 
Stay with this image & continue to bring up as much detail about it as possible, include the smells or sounds noticed to let it really land in the body.  Once this is fully taken in, begin to scan your body for any sensations present. If there are, put your hand there.
6  Repeat steps 1 and 2 to recheck your dial. Notice what seems different now both on your dial & in the body to take measure of what happens when you feed your sense of purpose in the world for even just a moment.

Be still for moment or two so awareness can move to your breath cycle. After a moment, sense the space created inside you by doing so.​  Without the pressure of all our 'shoulds', a childlike delight & curiousity for the possibilities that exist here & now can naturally bubble up from within. Let this freedom unlock the passions that fire up your senses & move you into action when the time feels right.

Our path may now become one of following where our passions lead, and rather than a paved sidewalk to be trudged or trodden to its anticipated end, it is a glorious, unknown path over meadows & through wooded glen that lay ahead (or really anywhere else that our inner promptings may lead!)

It seems that from this place of true inspiration we're natually compelled to move our own brand of truth into the world - whether leading a charge of revolutionary ideas, or just opening up & letting someone glimpse our naked heart for one timeless moment.

The light you carry moves into the world at a pace that is appropriate for its host. 

Being a beacon lights the way for many who need faith in their own heart more than anything else.

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