Life Coach Vancouver

​​​As a performing & graphic design artist, creativity & the body have been key to my own personal & professional growth. A serious fall brought self-compassion & a deep respect for organic timing to the forefront of my practice.

Trained as a professional, body-cantered coach by Coaches Rising, Coaches Training Institute & B.C. Coaching with Marlena Field, I bring three decades of front line experience from youth, mental health, addiction & trauma services to the table so what we do is always safe & supported. 


The living system of our body & the larger living system that we are a part of can not be separated. I make business decisions that recognize this relationship. Caring new social, ecological & economic systems will grow with every decision we make that is rooted in the commitment to leaving a wildly beautiful place where countless generations of all living things can continue to thrive.


Body-Mind Coaching - Mastery-level certification with Marlena Field & Pat Hinton through Body-Centered Coaching 

Professional Coach Training-CTI & Coaches Rising with Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Wendy Palmer, Doug Silsbee

Psoma Yoga Therapy with senior Hakomi trainer Donna Martin

Meditation Instructor & MBSM program through Chopra University & Chopra Center facilitator Tara Alain

Currently in 7th certifying year of Hakomi Therapy with senior trainers Georgia Marvin, Katie & Ken Askew & Angela Davis

200 hr Yoga Instructor Certification with Michelle Park of Squamish Taekwondo & Yoga Centre -​ 5 years teaching experience with Chopra Addication and Wellness Center & various fitness centers.


Growing a mindful relationship between body, mind & spirit aligns our left & right brain to nurture balance within.  This transforms struggle into a more united inner experience, a sense of personal centre & a felt sense of being whole. The overwhelming time we spend in our heads can leave us occupying only 15% of ourselves. When we drop our focus into the entire body, we start to inhabit all part of us, feel more whole and make decisions that are informed by all parts of us.

If you've ever heard someone speak & sensed that every part of them were on board with what they were saying, you know the power of feeling whole.


The principle of organicity holds that just like trees & other living things, the aspects of your own life may be at rest & root, sprouting into fresh growth, hitting the height of their bloom or fruiting & seeding. Though our culture pushes us to produce through reward, if you pay attention to everything in the natural world, each phase of our growth is equal in value to the others.


Shealagh K




My 32 years as a helping professional means I've been nurtured back from burnout more times than I care to admit!  My truth is that putting self-nurture at the top of my list means I have the energy for what & who I love - personally & professionally.

7 years ago I left a much cherished & long-tenured role as a group facilitator, yoga & meditation instructor after being injured. I realized that I hadn't paid attention to the nudges my body gave me to slow down & take better care, so my vitality suffered & I took a bad fall.​ 

With support & many long hours by the ocean during my recovery, I began to see myself with the awe & curiousity with which I take in the natural world - where each stage of growth - like seasons in the garden or forest - is valued, enjoyed & appreciated. This important principle of ORGANICITY helps me trust that the difficulties we experience are a natural & valuable part of our growth process as humans. I've dedicated decades of my life to developing coaching tools & skill building techniques to support individuals & groups through times of overwhelm, compassion fatigue, recovery and the in-your-face challenges of an ever-changing world.

If, like me, you'd love to ease back in the saddle a bit, reflect on [& give yourself a nod for] all that you've lived & use a more forgiving lens to feel more kindly towards yourself - sign up to access cost-free recordings of the 'Fill Your Cup' Video Series, where I interview peers & pros on what happened when they decided [or had to] put self-nurture at the top of the list. The second video from each day of the series offers a guided practice from each contributor!

Self-coaching can be brilliant at liberating us from the grip of old, outdated stories so we have more free reign in our day-to-day. Rather than feeling stiff & stuck in knee-jerk reaction to challenge, we can beb wonderfully adaptable in the face of change. To better understand your patterns of body tension so they stop wasting your time, energy or relationships makes sense  -  A Nurtured Life Take Heart series is designed to clear what blocks our natural energy flow to replenish our reserves & banish burn out for good.