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Life Coach Vancouver

As a performing & graphic design artist, I see creativity & the body as bridges to personal growth & insight. My 7 years of body-centered & psoma yoga therapy studies brought self-compassion & organicity to the forefront of my practice & originally crafted somatic coaching tools. 

Trained in coaching fundamentals & embodied transformation by Coaches Rising & Coaches Training Institute, I bring 28 years of front line experience from youth, mental health & addiction services to the ‘table’ so that our time together is safe & well supported. Let’s connect in person, virtually, or at TLC sessions & retreats at wellness centres in Squamish & White Rock, BC. 


I hold to the old values of taking care of each other & all life as stewards of the planet that sustains us. As part of the whole, wonderfully diverse & intimately connected system of the earth, I make business decisions that protect the sanctity of this relationship so that I am modelling what I believe all industries are capable of.  I believe that caring new social, ecological & economic governance systems will arise from a widespread observance of these values, leaving a wildly beautiful place where the generations to come [of all living things] will thrive for all time.

Body-Mind Coaching - Mastery-level certification with Marlena Field & Pat Hinton through Body-Centered Coaching 

Professional Coach Training at CTI, Coaches Rising [Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Doug Silsbee, Joel Monk & Marlena Field] 

Psoma Yoga Therapy & Meditation instructor [Trained through Chopra University & Hakomi trainer Donna Martin]

Currenly in 6th [certification] year in Hakomi [body-centered & mindfulness-based psychotherapy trained by Georgia Marvin, Katie & Ken Askew & Angela Davis]

200 hr Yoga Instructor Certification with double black belt martial arts instructor Michelle Park at Squamish Taekwondo & Yoga Centre


Growing a mindful relationship between body, mind & spirit aligns the left & right brain to nurture balance within.  This transforms struggle into a more united inner experience, a sense of personal centre & a felt sense of being whole - which may in fact seem difficult to imagine until we've felt it in our body.


The principle of organicity guides us on the path of a nurtured life, holding that just like trees & other living things, aspects of your own life may be at rest & root, sprouting into fresh growth or hitting the height of their bloom. Designed from this principle, the Nurture Wheel calls your attention to inner needs by following body signals sensations that have something important to tell you. Remember that your body holds the DNA of every family member in your bloodline from the very beginning, & when you feel something 'in your bones', that knowing is based on experience that spans back many lifetimes!

Shealagh K



I believe in a warm & simple approach to living with a gracious, unconditional positive regard for all. I believe that life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful :]  I feel so comitted leaving the legacy of sanctuary - both an inner experience & actual spaces. I'm dedicated to working collectively to grow this online oasis of TLC tools & events to ensure that it will be accessible long after I've left the building. 

I made my home in Squamish, BC for over 22 years & in response to the needs of my family, I've relocated to the Langley area.  A nurturing environment for me includes connecting regularly with the natural world - particularly my garden & the ocean in nearby White Rock.

I practice yoga therapy with Leila Stuart & continue to learn in coaching arenas around the globe. 


An Oasis of Body-Mind Tools for the Teaching, Helping & Business Professional   


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