I find myself grateful to Shealagh @ A Nurtured Life...

 Its difficult to actually put into words what I experienced during a Hakomi coaching session with Shealagh yet, the shift so far has been both subtle & deeply significant. Though we connected via private video conferencing, I felt gently held, guided, & supported as I explored the wisdom my body was waiting to share. What seemed like fleeting thoughts or suggestions - when mindfully explored - brought deep insight & meaning. Together we explored these insights with a gentle curiosity & wonder. Now that I'm back in my everyday, I've noticed the signs that a deep shift has occurred in the most wonderful of ways. There is nothing to do, no actions to take & yet I feel like some deep unconscious beliefs have been magically transformed. The world is a new playground & I'm seeing it all with fresh eyes.

Ross Tayler @ Live Simply Coaching

Missing you my dear Shealagh:

Thankfully feeling like a million bucks! Namaste💃🏼🙏🏿

I am truly thankful to you for who you are & the expert care you extended to our group at the Chopra Center - I will always remember how your presence, wisdom & kindness made each of us feel especially supported throughout our sessions.

Wishing you blessings always :]


Please accept this token of my gratitude for our time together - a treasure from NYC! May it fill you with the hope & loving thoughts you have helped me bring forth in myself - Thank you for being my guide - I've learned so much from you!
With joy & happiness!

Shealagh -

It was such an honor to work with such a heartfelt person! To witness the dignity & grace of your presence in offering our group the transformational process we experienced was a total inspiration! These elements have been a true gift to my life - one that I will remember forever. Thank you -

Love & light


Thank you my beautiful Shealagh for providing me with light when all I could see was darkness. What a privilege it's been for me to embrace your gifts. The safety, comfort, warmth & ease of your presence in our sessions together gave way to a natural, easy integration of parts of my life that had sat on the sidelines for a long while.

I've touched a new potential inside me & my new tools help me feel the balance & integrity of each step I take.

I'm seeing myself & my world with new eyes and I am so grateful for it! Keep that Nurture Wheel turning!


Shealagh K!  :]

Looking back, I see I was always just trying to keep up with the chaos & wasn't shooting for any particular vision for our lives.​​​ After that one session where we sorted through the things that roll around in my​ head using visuals & intuitive hits from my body (awesome tools to be able to tap into that Shea!), I really got to feeling centred again. 

Adding the​​ ingredients we came up with to my daily plan has kept me​ focused on the most important things. What I need to be able to feel my best 

every day is crystal clear now & I've checked off everything on the list we made with ease over the past year. My three girls & I are​ connecting a lot more (we hang out on that sectional all the time!)  I'm feeling prepared for my next big venture! Big big Thanx!!!

Kris E

Hi Shealagh:

We really needed something to organize our efforts...

We seemed to always have too much to do & too little time to do it in, with only a general plan of action to guide  us on.

I want to thank you for really listening & giving clear options as to what areas of our lives needed TLC. Trusting your recommendations on organizing & big picture planning came easy, & thanks to you, our lives have taken on a beautifully simple elegance.

What a relief to have your caring support  - I want to thank you for being such a genuine pleasure to work with - we're super excited about the future!

Kathryn L

Shealagh was amazing to work with - she understands planning & holds a genuine respect for the needs & wants of whoever she works with. She has such a flare for creating, organization & life design that matches the values that my clients hold - If you're lucky enough to work with her, you definitely won’t be disappointed !


Cindy Faulkner

Owner - BrokerSmart Mortgages Real Estate