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A Nurtured Life Planner


The design of the original Nurture Wheel [made with my own two hands] was my response to many colleagues looking for more tangible, creative 

methods to bring the body into their coaching & therapeutic conversation. Used to engage the body with a spin of the wheel as a starting point for clients to begin accessing their inner landscape. 

Hundreds of people have experienced A Nurtured LIfe first hand as they took the Nurture Wheel for a spin at events across the province of BC. 

Now available in pocket, desktop & group room sizes, the Nurture Wheel grows our capacity to tune into what might support us in the here & now so our energy can keep flowing.

*Nurture Wheel playkit included


The Nurture Wheel


This body-mind TLC tool supports more natural, seasonal rhythms & helps you connect to your own body wisdom for direction in unfolding your bigger vision.

The planner is designed to help you root your self-care habits daily so that you'll have the energy & stamina to take on personal / professional growth & bring about your big dreams.  

Nurtured Life Planner for Wall offers a unique tri-spective design that makes life / work balance visible to the naked eye !! 

28'x22" full colour print $48 + tax & shipping.

Now available as a PDF for print-at-home pages for use in binders or to post on or around your desk.



By Chopra Facilitator & Somatic Life Coach Shealagh Kate King

Our capacity to effect incredible change in ourselves & the world begins with the simplest acts of compassion - a small kindness is no small thing.

Everything I create is designed to help us tend to the aspects of our lives as we would a newborn, a garden or in preparing a favourite meal - knowing that our way of being as we move in the world echoes out into our own circles of influence & beyond.

For helping, teaching & business professionals sensing the possibility & potency of deeper nurture for themselves, their clients & loved ones, the Nurture Wheel & somatic playkit are hands-on tools that get internal healing & resilience systems back online. By tapping into the brilliance of ones own body intelligence, we grow a capacity for self-awareness, self-regulation & self-compassion.

Research & resource rich, A Nurtured Life offers expert TLC focus sessions & mindfully designed TLC tools that bring back that nurturing balance -  I invite you to take the Wheel & steer your life in exciting new directions :]