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Sink in to body-mind experiences of deep nurture online at A NURTURED LIFE Body-Mind TLC Retreat.

Sign up cost-free for a no-strings week of daily 40 minute body-mind sessions that support helping, teaching & business professionals to bump self-care up on our priority list Nov 25th-Dec 1st, 2018.

Take part in guided experiential sessions from the comfort & privacy of home as a diverse 'Nurture Panel' of peers & pros in the field share daily TLC tools that support you personally & professionally.



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DAY 1 EARTH NURTURE - Finding Nature Within

Join Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction & Eco-Psychology Certified Facilitator Tara Alain in an experience of connecting with nature through the body. []

Day 2 BODY NURTURE - Body-Mind Approach to Eating

Join Body-Mind Holistic Nutritionist & Program Creator Jessi McLennan in exploring our subtle inner cues of

feeling nourished. []


Day 3 SPACE NURTURE - Supportive Spaces 

Join Yoga & Meditation Facilitator & Wellness Cetnre Staff Supervisor Celeste Thibodeau to take in estetic delight through each of our senses. []


Day 4 - HEART NURTURE- Inhabiting the Heart

Join Body-Centered Coaching Founder, Author & Trainer Marlena Field in a guided journey into the softer layers of ourselves. []

Day 5 - CONNECTION - The Body as an Instrument

Join World Musician & Sound Therapy Facilitator Matthew Kocel in accessing on the spot relisience. []


Day 6 - PURPOSE - Body-Mind Approach to Planning

Join A Nurtured Life Founder & Certified Body-Centered Coach Shealagh K King to tap into the inspiration of what moves us through our day to day. []

Day 7 - SPIRIT - Standing in Your Own Two Feet

Join International Teacher, Yoga Therapist & Author Leila Stuart in a visit to the body's access points in an experience of wholeness []



Ross Tayler - Live Simply Founder & Professional Coach []

Claire Hewitt Creative Spark Founder / Facilitator []

Kirsty Lloyd - A Call to Spirit Retreats 

John McClenahan - Transition Coaching[]

​Brooke Wilhelmson - Yoga Instructor/Manager, Vayusha Yoga []

The 7 elements of A Nurtured Life are an entry point to our internal landscape. Our play in that landscape brings insight, wisdom & balance to our day to day. I'm imagining you taking part to the level that is most comfortable to you & making new discoveries with this opportuniy to rest, digest & connect. 

A Nurtured Life will look & feel different for all of us - the caring ways we show up for ourselves naturally creates a more nurtured world - I hope you'll be one of those walking the path beside me so that the call to compassion for people & planet continues to grow stronger in our presence.

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My Triple Bottom Line:

People * Planet * Profit