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Let's illuminate your bigger picture & re-awaken your own natural rhythms. Just as stepping out to witness nature all around you can reconnect you to your own natural inner pace, moving to the beat of your own drum contributes to natures collective flow & a healthy balance for all.

Your ongoing growth is truly vital the world!​

Let's t
ap into the 'creative tension' - like a rubber band - that exists between your current lifestyle, & your more natural life rhythm. 

If you'd like to anchor your moment to moment to your most important values & bring a natural, organic shape to your life, let's connect. 

I'm so grateful for the ways in which clients appreciate & support my work, referring others throughout the year. I offer both my sincere thanks to those of you who've become [or would consider becoming] affiliates. 

If you'd like to hear about my work straight from others so you feel confident to work & play together, let's arrange that.

 By Chopra Facilitator & Somatic Life Coach

life coach Vancouver 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The principle of ORGANICITY is a uniquely natural lens to view ourselves through. Interconnected as we are within the web of this miraculous eco-system, the natural elements coursing through our veins are part of the same rhythmic force that moves mountains, oceans & all living things.

The rest & root in colder seasons; the sprouting wild growth of warmer times & the yield of fruit & seeds in autumn each reflect the perfect timing of our own personal & professional growth. 

 In my 28 years providing support as mentor, coach & counsellor, I've witnessed amassing evidence that we bring so much to the table without any effort & just as we are.

Our stumbling blocks exist only to propell our strengths into the light, growing & develop the many unique parts of us that the world needs now.  Some challenges may seem to be on repeat, creating habitual thought or behaviour 'loops'.  This 'habit nature' - formed early on - can be held tightly in both mind & body. The resulting 'tension' may restrict the flow of our intuitive guidance & keep our natural capacity for growth from shining through. 

A Nurtured Life itself is proof positive that we don't have to invest more effort, work longer or be harder on ourselves to 'get it right'.  Personal success means combining the simple ingredients that are specific to your needs for balance & fulfillment in your daily life.

Yes old patterns can get in the way, dragging us back down into the swamp lands, even as we thought we'd 'gotten past' it all, but 

I like to experiment with how we can re-purpose the energy we currently use to keep old beliefs in place to be able to feed fresh new ways of being in the world.

​​​​​​​The only guarantee in life is change:  It's always occuring on both subtle & not so subtle levels.
Are you facing unexpected change, challenging choices or tricky transition? 


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