So if you ended up here then I'll risk the assumption that you like to dig deep... I like you already & you are just the kind of person I enjoy working with most! Lets connect & learn more about each other :]

I upload content in varying states of readiness up here because quite frankly, I refuse to continue putting my desire to step into the world in a meaningful way on hold while I perfect it all!!  Random insights & stumbling blocks feel important for me to share with you.

Using this site means you agree not to take my content to use without permission. It means you agree to being civil & to forgiving me in advance as you inevitably run into errors up here. You are warmly invited to simply enjoy what might be here for you, & leave the rest.

No claims of any medical kind are made or assumed on this site, as I believe support self-study is based on the responsibility of the individual for their own well-being.  

Warm regards -


*Art by Melissa McCarthy